GrandCare's Luke Scott Joins Advisory Board for Rom3 Rehab

GrandCare Health Services today announced that Dr. Luke Scott, DPT, Regional Director of Rehabilitation Services, has joined the Advisory Board for ROM3 Rehab.

Dr. Scott will be assisting in the research and development of the ROM3 Rehab System, a patented technology and medical protocol that dramatically improves and speeds lower extremity rehabilitation.

Dr. Scott has helped design and test a new ROM3 device that utilizes wearable and telehealth technologies to generate real-time performance and outcome data, enabling clinicians to remotely monitor patient compliance with a prescribed home exercise program and creating a detailed medical record of a patient’s progress.

“GrandCare Health Services prides ourselves on being leaders in orthopedic rehabilitation services and pioneering innovative technologies to transform patient outcomes and the patient care experience. I am thrilled to be involved with ROM3 on this project. It opens the door to future collaborations and the possibility of working with orthopedic doctors to bring this technology to our patients,” said Scott.

About GrandCare Health Services

GrandCare Health Services is the largest five-star home health agency in Southern California, serving Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

About ROM3 Rehab

ROM3 Rehab is a medical technology company innovating the orthopedic space with its line of patented, next-generation physical rehabilitation equipment.

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