For Physicians and Referring Sources

Why choose GrandCare services? 


Our clinical teams’ vast experience in treating a wide range of health conditions and diseases in hospital and home settings, allow us to provide high quality of care no matter what your patients’ needs are. We will work closely with you to develop a plan of care that optimizes the patients’ recovery and/or quality of life.

Geographic Coverage

Our agencies are able to provide services to your patients throughout the key population centers in Southern California.

Home Health to Palliative and Hospice Care

Our experience in caring for patients with terminal diseases enable us to provide a compassionate transition from home health services for aggressive curative treatment to palliative comfort care under hospice care. Often, the transition can be supported by the same clinical team to minimize the emotional impact to the patient and the families. Caregiving services can be added to further support the patient and the family.

Re-Hospitalization Reduction Program

GrandCare has implemented COPD, CHF, and pneumonia treatment and monitoring programs to reduce the probability of re-hospitalizations. The monitoring programs include daily tele-health biometrics monitoring by a team of Registered Nurses and periodic in-home skilled nursing visits and interventions, if required. The biometric monitoring program is free of charge to the patient for the initial 30 day period after the start of care by our home health agency. Timely biometrics data is available to the physician via a log-in portal, or via other secured communication methods.

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