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Who is Eligible for Services?

At GrandCare Health, we strive to provide our services to individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria. While specific requirements may vary based on regulations and insurance guidelines, here is a general outline of the eligibility criteria for home health services:

Medical Necessity: To be eligible for home health services, there must be a demonstrated medical necessity for skilled nursing care or therapy services. This includes individuals who are recovering from surgery.

Homebound Status: Home health services are typically provided to individuals who have difficulty leaving their home without the assistance of another person or the use of a supportive device, such as a wheelchair or walker. Homebound status is evaluated based on the individual’s condition and mobility limitations.

Physician’s Orders: A physician must prescribe and order home health services as part of the patient’s plan of care. The physician will assess the patient’s condition, determine the need for skilled care at home, and provide the necessary documentation to support eligibility.

Insurance Coverage: Eligibility for home health services may also depend on the coverage provided by the patient’s insurance plan. It is important to check with your insurance provider to understand the specific requirements, limitations, and authorization processes related to home health services.

Please note that the eligibility criteria mentioned above are general guidelines, and specific requirements may vary depending on your location, insurance coverage, and the regulations governing home health services. GrandCare Health is here to help you navigate the eligibility process, verify insurance coverage, and assist you in determining if you meet the criteria for our services.

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All members of our executive leadership team are steeped in healthcare experience across a variety of functions including operations, consulting, medical practice, insurance, finance, legal and organizational development.

Services We Offer

GrandCare Health Services is a 5-star, trusted provider of post-operative rehabilitation in Southern California. Following the physician’s plan of care, we work closely with patients, families and physicians to provide results-oriented quality home health care. Our primary focus is to ensure the patient’s transition from an acute care setting to a home setting is safe, effective and successful. Our services include:

Orthopedic and Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialists

GrandCare is the leading provider of in-home orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation in Southern California. Learn more about how we can partner to provide excellent clinical outcomes.

Areas We Serve.

Proudly Serving the Following Communities:

We are available for patients in all metropolitan areas of Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.

Our Process


GrandCare receives a referral from a healthcare provider. 


An intake representative will check if the patient is eligible for services and obtain insurance authorization. The clinical management team will review the patient’s clinical information to ensure that the patient is appropriate for home health services and ensure that the patient’s clinical needs to not exceed the cost of services.


Patients are assigned a Case Manager to ensure patient’s transitions smoothly form the acute care or ambulatory treatment setting to home. The Case Manager overarches the coordination of care between the discharging entity, the following physician, and the visiting clinician(s), ensuring the patient’s care plan is developed, implemented, coordinated and monitored, and the patient intervention and goals are achieved.


Depending on the order for home health services, the SOC clinician will complete the SOC visit and subsequent assessment visits will take place if multiple disciplines have been ordered. Each ordered discipline will provide a SOC/Assessment report to the respective Case Manager per the SOC/Assessment standard operating procedures to guide the delivery of safe, appropriate, and effective care.

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Here are the most frequent questions and answers we get.

GrandCare assigns a dedicated case manager to each physician to ensure regular communication and coordination of care. Case managers provide regular updates on patients’ progress to the physician’s office. We also complete quarterly business reviews and custom reporting based on the physician’s preference.

GrandCare’s care team closely follows the individual protocols of each physician and each patient. Following the physician’s plan of care, GrandCare assesses the individual needs of the patient to ensure the best course of care is followed.

GrandCare therapists are required to have experience in orthopedics, cardiac recovery, home health, home exercise programs, special precautions and manual therapy. Each physical therapists’ competencies are signed off by the Area Director of Therapy Services. Most of our therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy with years of experience treating orthopedic and spine patients. We provide ongoing orthopedic rehabilitation training for all of our staff members. Our team is passionate about providing the best quality care for patients recovering from an orthopedic injury or procedure.

We try to assign the same clinicians throughout the course of care for each patient. This helps the patient feel more comfortable and build a connection with their nurse or therapist. There are rare occasions when we are not able to accommodate this due to change in time of day, day of week and after-hours requests.

GrandCare’s physical therapists are required to have experience in orthopedics, cardiac recovery, home health, home exercise programs, special precautions and manual therapy. Each physical therapists’ competencies are signed off by the Area Director of Therapy Services. Most of our therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy with years of experience treating orthopedic and spine patients.

Exercise programs are developed with our Director of Therapy Services and adapted to each individual patient’s needs. GrandCare’s therapists closely follow the physician protocols for each patient in developing and following an exercise program.

GrandCare is recognized as a leader in the provision of orthopedic home healthcare. GrandCare has consistently received 5-star ratings from CMS and value-based purchasing scores in the top 10%. We cover all metropolitan areas of Southern California and accept a variety of payers. Our excellent clinicians and proprietary technology help us deliver reliable, consistent excellence with readmission rates less than half of the state and county averages.


Patient Testimonials

Providing quality care to our patients is our top priority. We are proud to have over 95% of our reviewers rating us as 5-star on Google and Yelp. See what previous clients have to say about our services!  Read more reviews.

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