Orthopedic Program

GrandCare Health Services; Leaders in Orthopedic Rehabilitation Care

Grandcare customizes orthopedic interventions making sure each patient optimizes their recovery. Grandcare outlines interventions, outcomes, home exercise program and patient education customized to physician preferences. We provide all of the information a patient needs to know about their home rehabilitation and achieve 5 star outcomes. Grandcare’s Home Orthopedic Program provides instructions, range of motion charts, safety tips and exercises so patients can optimize recovery.  At Grandcare, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality of care and being the leaders of home orthopedic rehabilitation. Please call our office, the Rehabilitation Director or our Administrator for further information about how Grandcare can provide the best post operation care in southern California.

– Dr. Luke Scott PT, DPT Director of Rehabilitation Services

Orthopedic Program:

Grandcare will send a registered nurse or PT within 24 hours of discharge from hospital. Upon admission, Grandcare will get you started on education, wound care and medication management. Physical Therapy will implement MD protocols for exercises and optimize interventions for safe and speedy recovery. Average patients are discharged to out-patient physical therapy within 3 weeks of home health start of care.


“I’m a sixty-five year old man who has seen many physical therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths over the last forty years. Hey – work hard, play hard – right? When I had a total hip replacement, I was referred to GrandCare for post-op rehab. They sent Sung Bae and Rod Graham who worked as a team. They both were very knowledgeable and experienced people who were a pleasure to work with. They not only knew what they were talking about, it was plain that they enjoyed their work. That makes for a positive experience. They encouraged me. They patiently answered every question I had. I learned more useful information about my body and how to care for it going forward during the time they worked with me than I had garnered in my many PT experiences of the last forty years!  In finding GrandCare Health Services and Rod Graham and Sung Bae, I feel like I hit the jackpot.”

“My experience with GrandCare was superb. I had a total hip replacement. Jin was the nurse that came to do a complete exam, explain how to be safe and comfortable, and give many good suggestions. Jessica was the first physical therapist, and taught me many things that reduced my discomfort. Richard was the second physical therapist. He provided a lot of very effective exercises, that kept me strong enough to move from crutches to a cane.  They are a very professional organization, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs great home health care.”

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