GrandCare Health Services Announces Its New Mission Statement

GrandCare Health Services, an in-home orthopedic rehabilitation specialist, announces the launch of its new mission statement.

GrandCare’s mission is to deliver in-home rehabilitation that patients deserve, physicians trust, payers value and employees are proud of. GrandCare’s new mission sharpens its strategic focus on providing quality in-home rehabilitation and delivering value to key partners in the healthcare system.

Dr. David Bell, CEO commented “We are thrilled to launch this new mission which reflects our purpose and reason for existing as a company. We believe this mission is important because it focuses on our contribution to patients and to society.”  

 About GrandCare Health Services

GrandCare Health Services is a 5-star provider of in-home medical care, specializing in in-home orthopedic rehabilitation. GrandCare has been a trusted provider for patients, bundles and orthopedic surgeons in the Southern California region since 2003. GrandCare is proud to be recognized as one of America’s Great Places to Work in Healthcare 3 years in a row. GrandCare employs over 200 people in the greater Southern California area and cares for 5,000 orthopedic patients per year. The core values of Quality, Trust, Growth, Courage and Stewardship guide GrandCare’s daily operations and emphasize the commitment to holding its patients as the number one priority.


For more information, please visit www.grandcarehealth.com.

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