What are The Benefits of At-Home Orthopedic Rehabilitation?

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Recovering from orthopedic surgery can be burdensome on a patient. This recovery process can be enhanced with a strong physical therapy program and can also be accelerated when a patient is recovering in the comfort of their own home.  

Research has found that patients who recover at home and spend less time in the hospital report a higher degree of satisfaction, lower infection rates and lower overall complication rates. Going home and doing your activities of daily living in a comfortable environment is often the best and safest way to expedite the recovery process.

Expedited Recovery Process

In accordance with the physician’s protocols, physical therapists will assign a personalized exercise program to expedite the recovery process. These exercises will be performed during the home health visits as well as on the patient’s own time. The physical therapist will teach the patient how to properly perform the exercises and provide guidance on how often and for what duration they should be performed. Completing an at-home orthopedic program also expedites the recovery process because it is completed in a familiar environment, rather than in a hospital or other unfamiliar setting.

Lower Overall Complication & Infection Rates

During the at-home visits from a licensed medical professional, the wound will be assessed to ensure that it is not infected and has no complications. They will also clean the wound and change the dressing, following the guidance from the physician. If there are any concerns, it will be reported to a physician immediately. Because the care is being provided in the comfort of the patient’s home, there is a lower risk of cross contamination than in the hospital setting.

Cost Savings

Compared to care that is provided in the hospital, an at-home orthopedic program is less expensive and provides care that is just as effective. The home health benefit is included in most Medicare, HMO and commercial insurance plans. In some cases, there may be a co-pay.

There are several benefits of an at-home orthopedic program. It is important to assess the home environment with your physician and care team prior to beginning the program to ensure that it is safe. An at-home orthopedic program can contribute to an expedited recovery process, lower overall complication rates, higher patient satisfaction and cost savings.

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